Muscle, Bone & Joint Health

Staying active requires healthy, strong bones and muscles. We provide science-based formulas to relieve muscle discomfort, tension, and minor pain, as well as to promote bone density and integrity.

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OmegaGenics® Fish Oil EPA-DHA 1000 Cardiovascular Support* OmegaGenics® Fish Oil EPA-DHA 1000 Cardiovascular Support*
Supports heart, muscle, and immune system health.*
Vitamin D3 10,000 + K Vitamin D3 10,000 + K
Supports bone, heart, and immune health.
Magnesium Glycinate Magnesium Glycinate
Highly absorbable magnesium to support muscle relaxation.*
Vitamin D3 5000™ Vitamin D3 5000™
High-potency vitamin D to support bone, heart, and immune health.*
Bone Builder® Forte Bone Builder® Forte
Supports bone health and mineral density.
OmegaGenics<sup>®</sup> Fish Oil EPA 1200 mg OmegaGenics® Fish Oil EPA 1200 mg
Supports heart health and overall wellbeing.*
MyoCalm® Plus MyoCalm® Plus
Enhanced Support for Muscle Relaxation*
Bone Builder® with Magnesium Bone Builder® with Magnesium
Supports bone mineral density and muscle function. *
Mag Citrate™ Mag Citrate™
Healthy Muscle Function*
Ostera® Supports Bone Health Ostera® Supports Bone Health
Promotes healthy bone remodeling in postmenopausal women
MyoCalm® MyoCalm®
Muscle relaxation formula*
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