Intrinsi B12-Folate™

With 20 mg Intrinsic Factor
Intrinsi B12-Folate™
Intrinsi B12-Folate™

Intrinsi B12-Folate™ features vitamin B12 and folate in combination with intrinsic factor for enhanced absorption and utilization. These nutrients are important for healthy nervous system function and cardiovascular health.*

Serving size: 1 Tablet
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Good product

This product seems to work for me. I lack the Intrinsic Factor and can't absorb B 12. Taking this tablet every morning seems to give me more energy.

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Decades old user

i have taken Metagenics B-12 Folate for about 40 or so years. I'm 76 now, and this occurred in my 30s. I had reached a point where I could not eat and was preparing myself for a hospital stay, when I visited a Naturopath. When I explained my symptoms, he smiled, went to his supplement shelf and told me this was what I needed. I came to find out I had/have Pernicious Anemia, meaning my stomach does not produce Intrinsic factor, needed to absorb B-12, among other nutrients through the stomach. He told me to start with half a pill WITH food, and work up to one full tablet daily. I have, over the years searched everywhere to find your product and will not even consider any other brand. It worked and it's still working. Recent bloodwork showed my B-12 exactly in the middle of low/high. I have and always will rely on Metagenics Brand and am thrilled to find it once again, and at a great price with auto-refill. Thank you.

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Intrinsi-B12 Folate

I was so happy to see that my Metagenics order of Intrinsi-B12 Folate had been delivered when we returned from our trip. This is the best source of B-12 Folate. I was concerned that you wouldn't ever get it back in stock. My husband and I both use it and we were not able to find a substitute for it. I look forward to receiving it on a regular schedule again.

Marilyn Haak

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Best B-12 product on the market

I have been taking the Metagenics brand of B12 for years now. They’re the only ones that make it with the Intrinsi factor which helps your body to absorb the B12.
And by the way, all of the Metagenics products are awesome. Highest quality

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Intrinsi B-12 Follate

I already wrote my review and when I tried to submit it, it never accepted it. And I am not going to do it again.


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