Mitochondria & Cell Function Support*
MitoVive™ is designed to support healthy functioning of mitochondria—the powerhouses of the cell—and overall cell activity while providing targeted nutritional support for soft tissues and neuromuscular function. This formula features targeted amino acids (i.e., L-carnitine, taurine), magnesium, and other nutrients in an easy-to-use, powdered delivery form.*
Serving size: 1 Scoop (14.5 g)
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Mito Vive

Again recommended by my doctor/nutritionist, I have been on Mito Vive for about 10 years. I'm not sure of how it works, but it adds cell support, so I think it is worth it.

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Great Pre-Workout Product

MitoVive helps give me the energy for a great workout, even while on a ketogenic diet. It's not marketed as a pre-workout formula, but it should be!

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MitoVive Before/During Workout

My health care provider recommended adding MitoVive to my water before/during a workout. I think it has really helped. I don't feel so wiped out after my workout.

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