Thyrosol® Capsules

Thyroid Support Formula*
Thyrosol® Capsules
Thyrosol® Capsules
Thyrosol® offers a multifaceted approach by providing nutritional support for healthy thyroid function along with additional support for stress-related fatigue.*
Serving size: 1 Capsule
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It works. Just be aware of amount of selenium

This product was recommended by my doctor years ago. I used to buy the product at my doctor's clinic.
It worked perfectly. I had my thyroid issues under control. Actually, no thyroid issues since. So I loved it.

I changed cities and bought Thyrosol capsules online this time, and apparently where I live now, I am having a diet rich in selenium. I wanted to keep taking this product but the percentage of selenium is too high and does affect my health: one noticeable effect was that I started loosing a lot of hair a like three days later. I kept taking it for a week. No improvement. I started taking one a day instead of 3, still there was no improvement. So I had to stop taking it.
Note: At the same time I was taking the Thyrosol, I was also taking omega 3 and phospholipids as supplements.

Because I believe in the brand and those capsules worked so well for a long time, I will look up for other products in this site that have these compounds/ingredients, just with way less selenium, o none at all.

I like that they have the TruQuality Guarantee, where you can write the lot number of the product on their site to see the results of the quality tests made on it.

I do recommend this product, just be aware of the amount of nutrients you already take during the day with your food and supplements, with this or any other supplement.

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